Summer Fitlife

Summer Fitlife Tip: Be consistent!

If you don't have hours to spend in the gym just focus on a few body parts, mind-muscle connection and proper form. My fitlife approach is based on working with my mom, a professional trainer and 10+ years of ballet training. I like to think of weightlifting movements as choreography and work up to compound movements that piece it all together.

Here's a little circuit you can do in the comfort of your own home (or backyard) with dumbbells.

Bicep Curls—3 sets of 10-12 reps
Runner's Lunge with Hammer Curls—3 sets of 10-12 reps
Walking Lunges with Hammer Curl into Shoulder Press—3 sets of 10
Seated Shoulder Press—3 sets of 10-12 reps

Bicep Curls—Start with feet shoulder width apart and a slide bend in the knees. Grip dumbbells with your palms facing away, keep upper arms stationery and lift the weights up towards your shoulders until biceps are fully contracted. Hold for a second to engage the muscles. Be sure to release slowly.

Runner's Lunge with Hammer Curls—Put most of your weight into your front foot and bend your knee at 90 degree angle. Grip the dumbells with your palms facing your torso, keep upper arms stationery and curl the weights up to your shoulders. Be sure to hold for a second to engage muscles and release back down slowly. (Be careful to keep core engaged and not rock back and forth too much, core stability is very important in this position).

Now that we've activated biceps, quads and core we build up to our compound movement...

Walking Lunge with Hammer Curl into Shoulder Press—Lunge forward putting your weight in your front foot at a 90 degree angle. Activate biceps with bicep or hammer curls and shift into a shoulder press transitioning the palms away from you when they reach the shoulder and releasing the weights carefully back down. Release the back legs and step into the next lunge. Challenge yourself further by engaging your core and not putting weight on your feet while alternating sides.

Seated Shoulder Press—Use a chair if you don't have a bench handy. Sit with legs hip width apart and feet flat on the ground, back is straight and core is engaged. Lift weights from beside your shoulders upwards above your head with palms facing out. Hold at the top to engage muscles, releasing slowly to starting position.

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