A Beauty Journey

I have not always been a beauty enthusiast. In fact, I used to be totally content buying the same few things over and over again accepting the idea that I was not much of a "makeup girl". Putting on makeup was just another to-do in my morning; not something I looked forward to.

That changed after going through a difficult personal time. Each and every one of us are bound to go through times when we do not feel our best. Tough times can be unpredictable—making the simple act of getting out of bed each morning feel daunting. In the midst of my own difficult time, I felt overwhelmed and unable to picture myself happy again.


With every challenge, there is a way out and an opportunity to learn and grow. For me, getting out of this phase was all about discovering beauty! I started by watching makeup tutorials on YouTube, observing influencers transform into more beautiful, vibrant versions of themselves. Beauty wasn't just something to watch, it was something I could connect with and make my own. Over time, this newfound ritual became the most therapeutic part of my day. Even if the makeup wasn't perfect, it was an experience that made me genuinely happier and more confident facing the world. I've recently starting taking photos and writing about the products I use as a way of sharing my beauty journey with others.

Scroll down for a few thoughts on some of the new pieces I've been trying:


A Fresh Fleeting Fragrance - 'Arizona' by Proenza Schouler
This scent was inspired by designers' Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez trip to Arizona. It is the first and only to include an unusual flower, white cactus, which only blooms one night once a year. I love that designers put so much of a story into it's creation and was lucky enough to meet them at the Saks Fifth Avenue launch party. This fragrance is one of my new favorites and I've been wearing it for special occasions (mostly at night!)

Drugstore Blush that Delivers - Bella Bellini Baked Powder Blush by Milani
I wasn't always into blush but after watching Kylie Jenner's Vogue Makeup tutorial and seeing how it really brightened up her face I decided it may be time to find a new one that I actually like. Though I planned to do research and get one at Sephora, the Milani Baked Powder Blush at CVS caught my eye. I am pleasantly surprised by this blush and find it comparable to the Nars 'Orgasm' one. Glad I tried this!

Pin Curls with Forever 21 Curlers
Sometimes I turn to the past for inspiration. For a fun, retro look I blowdried my hair and styled with pin-curls. It was a nice alternative to using a straightener or a curler because it's much less heat—I let it set for about an hour and took it down for soft, voluminous waves. I'm really drawn to the pin-up girl style lately and plan on recreating more of these looks.

Wet n' Wild Megalo Highlighting Powder in Precious Petals
Still deciding if I like this, will update after I try it a few more times :)