Love in Transit

I've been thinking about love..  
the kinds we feel
and how with each person, its different.

Times I thought I was in love
love was an attachment, dependence.
And when it disconnects,
a part of you goes missing. 
A memory shared is gone.  

And the more that happens,
the more we hold back
on giving love
because we are afraid of losing it.

So I thought about transient love.
and instead of worrying about the love I had lost,
or the pains of the love I had to give.
To just  f e e l   l o v e  in the moment.

About the Photos - I set out with no subject in mind.  NYC is a cool backdrop for capturing interactions of people in transit.  I like to imagine stories of love in these photos.  Gear - Sony Alpha 7II, strap by Strapsbyelroobs.