Lower East Side / Brooklyn Photodiary

I’ve always kept a diary or a notebook of some sort.    Writing helps clear my head and is a way for me to process the past, present and future.  More times than not writing has come pretty naturally to me.  

Writing for an audience is another thing entirely.  In many ways, it feels like writing for a class, putting something out there and giving others the opportunity to have an opinion on something that is significant to you.  

I guess that’s what social media is - posting moments that were once just our own and making them accessible for anyone to see, critique, compliment, praise, etc.  It can be a positive thing, because I’ve gotten a lot of inspiration from social media but I have this feeling personally, that when I share a personal moment on social media it no longer feels like just my own.  

Over the past year I would post things I liked (on my personal account or other social media platforms) and people’s comments or opinions discouraged me from posting.  I was also told to remove posts because they were “unbecoming” or “portraying the wrong image.”

I don’t write this because I feel like I have to explain myself, but I do think it takes a lot of courage to truly be yourself.  I’ve spent a lot of time over the past three or so years working on my personal growth and I want my photos and writing to reflect that.    

So, on to New York City!  

I stayed in the Lower East Side at the Hotel Indigo.  I’ve stayed in a bunch of hotels in New York and this was one of my favorites so far.  It has a boutique feel but its part of the Intercontinental group so still a little corporate (in a good way, I appreciate the consistency that comes with chain hotels). They have a nice lobby, amazing coffee just across the street at Ludlow Coffee Supply, and I mysteriously got a room with a terrace (I’ll take it).  

I didn’t have much time so just checked out a few places.  I’d never actually been to Brooklyn before so I linked up with a friend and we visited the Brooklyn Bridge, Washington Street - DUMBO, and Green-Wood Cemetery.  

Brooklyn Bridge and Washington Street are tourist-gimmes but Green-Wood was pretty cool too.  There weren’t many people there because… who goes to a cemetery for fun but I appreciated the serenity as compared to the hustle and bustle of Brooklyn.  

Hope everyone is enjoying their Thanksgiving weekend,  
-beacon chic